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MicroPort Orthopedics Releases the HIPTURN™ Tensioning Instrument: An Exclusive in-situ Trialing Device

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Arlington, Tenn., November 2, 2022 - MicroPort Orthopedics is a medical device company specializing in large joint replacements with clinical data/history dating back over 20 years. Building upon that legacy, MicroPort has now released the HIPTURN™ (Tension Under ReductioN) device which gives surgeons the ability to trial different offset and neck options accurately and efficiently without removing any constructs.

HIPTURN Tensioning Instrument

The HIPTURN™ tensioning instrument eliminates the need for multiple trials and therefore saves the hospital OR time, which leads to cost savings and a better experience for both the surgeon and patient.

The HIPTURN™ device seamlessly integrates into MicroPort’s robust Hip product line and works alongside the Profemur® line of hip stems, the Dynasty® & PrimeTM line of acetabular cups, and in conjunction with the SuperPath® and AnteriorPathTM surgical techniques.

The HIPTURN™ tensioning instrument was recently shown at a global Hip and Knee meeting where it was met with intrigue and excitement. MicroPort believes not only will the HIPTURN™ tensioning instrument be successful as a product, but more importantly, it will bring higher quality of care to patients. Dr. Pavel Muradov remarked, “It is refreshing to see a company create tools that are beneficial to the surgeon and the patient. The HIPTURN™ tensioning instrument saves time, causes less tissue trauma and could revolutionize the way total hip arthroplasty is performed.” Additionally, Rob Cripe, Chief Commercial Officer of MicroPort, has this to say about the device, “We are excited to bring a product to market which enhances the surgeon’s experience with our implant. This device not only makes the surgeon experience better, but it also provides faster, more efficient data which ultimately encourages better safety for the patient. The HIPTURN™ tensioning instrument is the first of many product launches on MicroPort’s horizon designed to deliver solutions to our customers and return patients to their daily lifestyle more seamlessly.”

With a focus on innovation, combined with demonstrated capability to deliver the resources of an industry leader, MicroPort Orthopedics is helping patients worldwide achieve Full Function, Faster® each and every day. To learn more, visit www.microportortho.com.

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