Femurs vary greatly from patient to patient: overall size, canal shape, neck angle and bone quality are variables the surgeon must consider when selecting the appropriate stem. The Profemur® line of primary and revision hip stems are designed for intra-operative flexibility, allowing for one set of instruments for multiple stems.

Each Profemur® hip stem is designed in line with an established stem philosophy, incorporating features that have been in the market for several years and improving on those features with proven materials and instrumentation. The Profemur® line of Hip Stems gives a surgeon access to the broadest range of philosophies along with a clinically established product line.

Primary Hip Stems

Profemur® Gladiator® Hip Stems

Designed for primary hip replacement surgery, the Profemur® Gladiator® hip stem is a triple tapered wedge stem with a distinct geometry.

Profemur® TL hip stem

Designed for primary hip replacement surgery, the Profemur® TL hip stem is a dual tapered wedge stem with a unique geometry.

Profemur® Z hip stem

The Profemur® Z hip stem is designed on the premise that there are advantages to placing a square peg in a round hole.

Profemur® Renaissance® hip stem

The Profemur® Renaissance® hip stem features a unique “canal filling” designed to maximize contact between the hip stem and the bone.

Profemur® Xm® hip stem

The Profemur® Xm hip stem features dual taper geometry to promote cement engagement and enhance rotational stability.

Profemur® TL2 hip stem

Designed for primary hip replacement surgery, the Profemur® TL2 hip stem is a new dual tapered wedge stem with a unique geometry and optimized neck line.

Profemur® Preserve hip stem

Profemur® Preserve hip stem offers a shorter design that allows more of the patient’s natural bone to remain in place.

Profemur® L hip stem

The Profemur® L is a tapered wedge stem with a reduced lateral shoulder convenient for tissue-sparing surgical techniques.

Profemur® Am® hip stem

The Profemur® Am hip stem offers an advanced anatomical design for left or right implantation in the patient’s femur.

Revision Hip Stems

Profemur TL

Profemur TL

The Profemur TL hip stem allows for three point fixation and is shaped to contact cortical bone medially and laterally, conserving cancellous bone anteriorly and posteriorly.


Surgeon insight

“The Profemur Preserve, which I think is a great implant, preserves bone stock. It has good fit, it comes in a wide range of sizes, and it's very easy to get in from an anterior approach, with those small incisions.”

- Dr. Joseph Assini, Englewood, CO


Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.

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