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Featuring a trabecular structure, BioFoam® is intended to mimic bone and contribute to biological fixation.

BioFoam® Cancellous Titanium

BioFoam® Cancellous Titanium represents a new generation in cementless fixation. It is a biocompatible implant that is designed to provide early fixation without compromising the long-term demands that are required in today’s increasingly young and more active patients.1


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Cancellous or trabecular bone is composed of a network of rod- and plate-like elements that provide porous macrostructure for blood vessels and marrow.

The structure of Biofoam® Cancellous Titanium metal resembles that of trabecular bone. The porosity is between 60 and 70%, creating an open cell structure that encourages biological fixation for long-term stability.

Compressive Strength of BioFoam
Compressive strength of Biofoam® metal as compared to bone and Trabecular Metal™

Compressive strength & modulus

Compressive strength measures the maximum amount of compressive load a material can bear prior to fracturing. Compressive modulus is a normalized measure of a material’s stiffness measuring how much a material compresses under load without permanently deforming.

BioFoam® Cancellous Titanium is engineered to have a modulus similar to that of cancellous bone facilitating even and consistent bone loading to prevent stress shielding, promote long-term fixation, and enhance stability.

Frictional Properties of BioFoam
Frictional properties of Biofoam® metal compared to traditional coatings and Trabecular Metal™

Frictional properties

Frictional resistance provides initial stability between the implant and bone, thereby helping prevent the implant from movement immediately following implantation. Immediate rigid fixation is crucial to the fixation process. An implant with reliable initial fixation allows for adjacent bone growth and encourages long-term fixation.

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