When you hear the words “Augmented Reality,” you might picture someone wearing a headset to play video games. But did you know that surgeons use similar technology to support their surgeries?

  • Augmented reality is technology that adds a virtual layer onto what you see in the real world. It’s like having magic glasses that show extra objects, like games or information, on top of what’s really there.
  • Augmented reality can be used as a helpful tool for doctors. They can use special glasses or devices to see extra information about patients or surgeries, like seeing important details floating in the air as they work. Those details aren’t a distraction, though, they’re important pieces of information that allow a doctor to work more effectively and efficiently and to better personalize their work to the patient.
  • Augmented reality can help doctors during knee replacement surgeries. Every patient is unique, and by wearing special AR goggles during the surgery, doctors can easily access important details and tools about their patient’s knee. Having access to these resources during the surgery can potentially reduce the occurrence of complications.1
Surgeon Patient

Is Augmented Reality Right for You?

Every patient and every surgery are unique. Only your surgeon can help you understand if using AR is right for your surgery, but here are some key reasons some surgeons choose to use augmented reality.

  • Using Augmented Reality, like Pixee Medical Knee+, allows the surgeon to use a less invasive approach, which can potentially reduce surgical complications.1
  • This technology helps surgeons see additional details during surgery using glasses, allowing the doctor to have a “smart assistant” during surgery.
  • Augmented reality supports doctors during surgery by providing extra information, but it is not used in place of a surgeon.
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Why MicroPort Orthopedics Partners with PIXEE Medical?

  • With a history of 25 years of success2, the MicroPort Orthopedics Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee Implant delivers a high degree of stability and motion. A retrospective study has shown that MicroPort Orthopedics’ Medial-Pivot Knee has led to increased patient satisfaction and survivorship.3
  • Combining MicroPort Orthopedics’ implant survivorship with Pixee Medical’s platform is allowing patients, worldwide, access to surgery solutions integrating best-in-class technologies.
  • By pairing augmented reality with the Medial-Pivot knee, MicroPort seeks to further improve the success rate and positive patient satisfaction using the Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee.


“Virtual and augmented reality is the next step in the evolution of joint replacement surgery! And Pixee Medical provides an augmented reality platform for knee replacements that aims to take how we do these surgeries to the next level.”

- David Fabi, MD

This individual is a paid consultant of MicroPort Orthopedics. Additional professional associations presenting potential conflict of interest may also exist.

* MicroPort is acting as a distributor for these products and not as a sales agent for Pixee Medical.

Every patient is different, and individual results vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery. Consult your doctor to determine if knee replacement surgery is right for you.


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