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Innovative product offering
Episode of care tracking and patient engagement
Outpatient focused educational resources
Practice marketing


Patient educational tools and resources
Remote outcomes data collection


Portal-assisted hip approaches
Patient-specific instrumentation
Educational resources
Efficiency solutions
Pricing solutions



Outpatient Digital Pathways

In an effort to streamline patient engagement and education, while keeping additional care team work to a minimum, Outpatient Digital Pathways remotely monitor and collect patient recovery outcomes.

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ASC Productivity Solutions

MicroPort Orthopedics offers products and approaches that are uniquely designed for the outpatient setting with a focus on both delivering higher patient outcomes and surgical reproducibility without the need for costly ancillary technologies.

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ASC Joint Society

MicroPort’s ASC Joint Society program is designed to provide surgeons and their support team with all of the opportunities and resources needed for building a successful outpatient program.

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ASC Practice Marketing

Individualized Co-marketing campaigns uniquely designed to assist providers with increasing their patient volume.

More surgeons are moving to the outpatient model

Providers have led the charge out of the hospital and into the outpatient setting through advances in surgical approaches, anesthesia and pain management protocols, and patient education and selection. Patients, payors, and employers have taken note of this seismic shift in the market due in large part to heightened levels of price transparency, episode of care alignment, and overall cost savings.

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Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.