Over the last 20 years, total joint replacement (TJR) surgery has undergone a significant evolution, leading to a growing trend of shifting cases to an outpatient setting at ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). Providers have led the charge out of the hospital and into the outpatient setting through advances in surgical approaches, anesthesia and pain management protocols, and patient education. The successful experience in the ASC has solidified the ASC as a proven alternative to traditional in-patient surgery.

Within the outpatient setting, MicroPort is committed to empowering providers with technologies and resources that drive patient satisfaction and operational efficiency throughout the episode of care.

PATHWAYS ASC Brochure Cover

PATHWAYS: Episode of Care Approach

The PATHWAYS approach provides personalized tools to enable simplified and profitable Total Joint Replacement in the ASC setting throughout the Episode of Care. 

finding patients

Finding Patients

MicroPort’s PATHWAYS Program seeks to provide surgeons and care teams with the tools and solutions to differentiate their practices and increase patient volume in a growing competitive market.

Community Lecture

In simplifying the episode of care, MicroPort will prepare a surgeon-developed community lecture presentation to explain the outpatient process and how MicroPort hardware, surgical techniques and patient engagement tools to optimize a patient's experience.

Practice Marketing

To promote ASC practice growth, MicroPort provides customized digital ad campaigns, surgeon websites and education materials. 

Keeping Patients

Keeping Patients

Patient Engagement and Education

The PATHWAYS Program allows office staff the ability to push information to patients, remotely monitor their recovery, and seamlessly collect valuable outcome data. Patients receive a variety of educational resources and recommendations following surgical scheduling.

ASC Outcomes

Effective and Profitable Outcomes


  • Patient dashboard with EMR integration
  • Ability to monitor patient status post-operative
  • Data collection, analytics, full-service support for launching studies



  • Pre- and post-operative surveys administration and management
  • PROMIS-10
  • Narcotics utilization


Care Pathways and Protocols

ASC joint replacement success is dependent on building upon sound outpatient protocols. Developed by a team of surgeons, PATHWAYS enhanced protocols represent experience from thousands of outpatient cases and will help surgeons effectively migrate TJR cases toward the ASC setting.

MicroPort’s product strategy for outpatient centers builds on this focus for patient satisfaction with solutions and pricing strategies that aim to increase efficiencies and lower overall costs. The PATHWAYS Program is designed to provide surgeons and their support team with all of the opportunities and resources needed for building a successful outpatient program.

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