1. MicroPort Orthopedics’ patient information leaflets are created to provide information about your implant and are available here in an electronic format. A web browser with a PDF viewer is required to access all translations of the leaflet provided on this page.
  2. In order to select the correct implant leaflet, please refer to the back of the patient implant card provided to you by your HCP after surgery and look for the name of the device next to the MD symbol ( ).
  3. If you have lost your implant card or it is damaged, please follow the instructions below for “Implant card replacement”
  4. Based on the name of device implanted, select the appropriate link below. For example: Patient Leaflet for hip implants are located under “Hip Implant”
  5. Select the desired translation.

Printed translations of Patient Information Leaflets can be requested by calling MicroPort Orthopedics Customer Service at

Europe: +44.1244.572120

United States: 866.872.0211

Printed translations are provided free of charge to the requester within seven (7) days of request.


Hip Implants
MicroPort Hip Systems (Australia) 159255-0
Knee Implants
MicroPort Knee Systems (Australia) 159256-0



In the event you need a replacement implant card, please click here