Gladiator® Bipolar Hip System

The Gladiator® bipolar acetabular system is a bipolar hip implant design that features a cross-linked polyethylene bearing surface with a lock detail enhanced for strength. Historical concerns with traditional bipolar designs have included loosening of the insert, disassociation of the head from the shell, and osteolysis resulting from polyethylene wear. This system is designed to address these concerns and give surgeons greater confidence when using a bipolar implant.

With design advances to the lock detail and bearing surface, the Gladiator® bipolar hip system is a next generation bipolar implant design. Additionally, advancements were made to the instrumentation to simplify surgical processes for the surgeon and OR staff. With the A-Class® highly cross-linked bearing surface pre-assembled in the shell, the Gladiator® implant requires no assembly or disassembly at any point.1-3